A Sampling of the Collection
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Antique Mills 'Dewey' slot machine
Antique Mills 'Dewey' Slot Machine
Large Cylinder 'Orchestra' Box
View into Large Cylinder 'Orchestra' Box

We have several styles, models and sizes of music boxes. Our largest is the 27" Regina Changer. When discussing music boxes, many people think of the thin tinkling of novelty type music boxes bought in card stores or bargain department stores. Patrons are surprised by the full, rich sounds of the antique music boxes, whose original owners depended on them for home music in the Victorian era.

Some of the boxes use metal disks that are interchangeable to vary the music, much as today's record players and CD players do. Small projections in the disk trigger "star" wheels which in turn pluck the teeth of a metal "comb" to produce the music.

cuff type cylnderOne type of cylinder box is the Capital "Cuff" box made by the F.G. Otto and Sons company. The Capital "Cuff" is so called by collectors because of the resemblance of the thin cone shaped tune sheets to early shirt cuffs worn by men in the 1800s. We have two outstanding examples of this kind of box.


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