The History of Bayernhof

In the latter part of his life, Charles B. Brown, III, developed a passion for collecting rare, antique, automatic musical instruments. That collection is now showcased at the Bayernhof Museum.

His collection is displayed in almost every room in the house. It includes many antique music boxes, "monkey" organs, carousel organs, a Reproduco Piano-Pipe organ used in funeral homes and theaters and an Encore Automatic Banjo. There is also a Mills Deluxe Violano Virtuoso which plays two violins and piano combination, and a huge Seeburg Pipe Organ Orchestra that was once used to accompany silent films. Be sure to select the "Collection" tab on the left to view a sampling of the pieces. Of course, the best way to enjoy these unique machines is to arrange a tour.

Mr. Brown was the founder and chief executive officer of Gas-Lite Manufacturing until his death in 1999. In his will "Chuck" directed that his house be converted into a museum for the public display of his collection of music machines.