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panorama of house

The living room features a projection television system with a retractable ceiling-mounted screen. The dining room seats 16, and the conference room seats 14. The huge solid wood table in the conference room was built on site and will always remain a part of the house.

Bedrom view
The master bedroom has its own private kitchen, a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the river.
Game room

The Gaming Room has as its focal point a magnificent reverse painted
glass skylight above the poker table.


The most unique feature of the house is the "Cave." This hidden passageway takes the visitor from the lower level to the main floor and is accessed by way of a very secret, unusual doorway. Immediately upon entering the cave, visitors notice a wooden door leading to the wine cellar. The cellar boasts an authentic moonshine still as the focal point.

swimming pool


The pathway through the cave winds approximately 100 feet past small waterfalls and pools with stalactites and stalagmites, ever upwards to a rough oak door, which opens into the swimming pool room, complete with a 10' waterfall. A full wall mural in the pool room depicts popular scenes from Germany.

                  Downstairs Family Room


Mr. Brown's wish was that his collection be displayed in his home rather than in a "warehouse" type of setting. As a result, patrons visiting the museum see not only the fascinating music machines, but have the opportunity to experience a most unusual house as well.



Bayernhof is open to the public year round by appointment to groups of no more than twelve.

In keeping with the museumís mission statement, "Education through Preservation, Preservation through Education," we welcome not only individuals but also historic preservation groups, college groups, architectural societies, musical societies or others who will enjoy seeing this fine home and collection of antique automatic musical instruments. Children must be 12 or older. Admission is $10.

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