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Links of Interest

Preserving these wonderful mechanical music machines for posterity is greatly aided by the various organizations which offer individuals who have an enthusiasm for mechanical music an opportunity to meet and interact with others who share their interests. Parent organizations, such as the Musical Box Society International (MBSI) and the Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association (AMICA), have several thousand members with chapters worldwide. These organizations publish monthly newsletters and bulletins to keep their members and other friends apprised of recent developments and upcoming events in the world of mechanical music machines. The newsletters give readers the opportunity to buy and sell, through channels unavailable anywhere else, music machines and parts as well as various pieces of memorabilia.

Learning about mechanical music machine collections and opportunities to personally visit and view these collections are major benefits derived from the various groups. It is only through the interest and efforts of individuals and groups that future generations of music lovers will be able to enjoy and admire these amazing antiques.